Arno Marais - Trees & Plants Southern Africa

Trees & Plants Southern Africa Collection:

Treasures found here are memories and images that relate a timeless South African story, bringing peaceful, fond memories into your home and family. 

"Photography is more than digitally recording or documenting a subject by means of a camera lens. The whole process begins in the mind and eyes (in “seeing” a composition; in visualizing the artistic merit of a subject or object) and the camera then becomes the tool to create an artwork. That is the essence of my photography. As famed photographer Elliot Erwitt added: “The whole point of taking pictures is that you don’t have to explain things with words”…. a sentiment I share whole-heartedly." Arno

Combinations of these images can be selected to make cluster prints/canvases. A typical grouping could be eg 1x A2 and 2 x A4.

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